3 Reasons it’s Time to Redesign your Website

The days of the internet being a new concept are over. These days, the web is changing by the hour, and those that are stuck in an old state of mind are falling behind. This applies to every aspect of the web, from design to advertising to media in general. At this important time of growth, it is also crucial for businesses to embrace this change and ensure theironline presence reflects the current time.

3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website reasons to design site

1-     Is your website built mobile friendly?

Have you tried looking at your website on your phone recently? If your site was built over a year ago, there’s a very good chance it wasn’t built mobile friendly. These days almost half of all searches for local businesses are taking place from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t load properly onto a phone, your potentially losing clients everyday.  People searching from mobile devices are your best clients, since they already have a phone in their hands, they are obviously much more likely to place a call to your business. It is crucial for any business to have a mobile friendly website, that displays all of your companies information in a clean and professional manner. It is also equally important to have all calls to action clearly displayed for whoevers browsing the site. When people are browsing your site from a mobile device they have to be able call you, locate you and read about your products and services with ease.

2 – Are you able to easily change the content of your site?

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In today’s day and age, businesses need to have full control of their website’s.  Businesses are constantly running different promotions and sales, and as a business owner it is crucial that you have full access to update your website and make changes on it with ease. Boost One Web sites are built with business owners in mind, and we make sure that each site is built with a user friendly backend allowing you to make changes daily on your own.  At Boost One we understand that your website should be as dynamic as your business,  which is why we build our sites with the most up to date user friendly technology available, allowing business owners to easily maintain and make constant changes to their websites.

 3 – Is your website getting any visitors from search engines?

The problem with many old websites is that they aren’t built search engine friendly. If you plan on gaining more clients from your website, you have to be ranked well in Google. Boost One Web builds websites that are designed to rank. Google has many requirements they demand, in order for your website to rank. We constantly stay updated with all these requirements and make sure the sites we build do too. If your interested in getting more customers online, it is necessary to have a site that is built search engine friendly.

These are three of the most important reasons to redesign your website. Contact us today.

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