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How to Design Your Own Graphics For Your Website – For Free!

In the world of web design, one has many options on how they wish to build their website. Some folks prefer simplicity – white background, black text, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Other folks like to go all sorts of crazy, adding flash animations, animated buttons, cinematic swipes that supplement website navigation. […]

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Why Everyone Should Register Their Own Custom Domain Name

While one can always settle on a free web design platform such as Weebly or WIX and receive a complimentary domain name, it is in the best interest of any web designer and website manager to purchase their own, unique domain name. Having a “.com” or a “.net” just screams professionalism, and will no doubt […]

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Maintaining Simplicity For Killer Website Designs

A common theme with users of the web these days, is lack of an attention span. And who can blame them? There is simply so much content to go through, so many websites and social media sites and blogs and news outlets and personal journalist pages…the list goes on and on. Some people argue you […]

A Blog or A Website – Which is Best For Your Needs?

It seems like these days, everyone and their mother (and their uncle, grandfather, 2nd cousin twice removed, and ex-girlfriend) maintain their very own blog or website. The internet connects the world – you can interact with people from all over the globe from the comfort of your bedroom. You can share your half-baked political opinions […]

Coding vs. Web Design Templates

As proprietor of your very own website, it is likely you have already looked into various web design options. Perhaps you considered hiring a freelancer to do the work for you, or to even go through a web design company. Or maybe you do coding yourself and are looking to get better, creating your own […]

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3 Reasons it’s Time to Redesign your Website

The days of the internet being a new concept are over. These days, the web is changing by the hour, and those that are stuck in an old state of mind are falling behind. This applies to every aspect of the web, from design to advertising to media in general. At this important time of […]

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What to Look For When Choosing a Web Developer

As more and more of the business world becomes dependent on the internet infrastructure, websites have become a necessity for businesses and companies. Having a web site opens different avenues for the business to reach a big audience, increase awareness, and build their brand. However, business owners should realize that it is not a matter […]