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Coding vs. Web Design Templates

As proprietor of your very own website, it is likely you have already looked into various web design options. Perhaps you considered hiring a freelancer to do the work for you, or to even go through a web design company. Or maybe you do coding yourself and are looking to get better, creating your own website from scratch through HTML. Or perhaps you’re going to check out a drag and drop based designer site, such as Wix or Weebly. Whatever the case may be, it is best to keep in mind that maintaining a website under any of the methods are rather different, yet hold similarities as well.

custom coded website or template

Simply put, your website should look professional. Not makeshift, not lazily put together, but a professional, crisp web design to keep the visitors of your website (be they fans, friends, potential customers or clients) happy. The website should be easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and memorable enough to stand out from the millions of other sites populating the world wide web. A professional looking website will give you an edge, a boost of suggested credibility.

Coded Web Design

There are several benefits in going with a custom, coded web design.

First of all, your website is going to look unique. Each template available is just that – a template – and has been used, reused, and reworked to death. Getting a custom site coded is only going to help you stand out more. Your site should also be search engine friendly, provided you hire a skilled and experienced web designer. The coding of a website dictates it’s influence and success amongst search engines.

custom coded website

Another thing about templates, is they aren’t always tailored to every type of websites needs. Building a site from the ground up will ensure that the website you have will blend seamlessly with your content, updates, news updates, and more.

The only disadvantages of coding is time, effort, and money. Coding isn’t easy to pick up, it certainly takes practice. One single misplaced character in coding can ruin the entire integrity of a site, or cause a host of other smaller problems. This is why learning coding could prove difficult, and hiring someone else could prove expensive.

Web Design Templates

Web design templates are oftentimes given flack, if only for the fact they exist in numerous forms all over the internet. The main disadvantage of going with a template is a lack of uniqueness to your website – your homepage will likely look similar to dozens of other websites. This can prove disadvantageous is trying to put across a professional business appearance. However, design templates aren’t all that bad…

website template

For starters, you could always use the templates as a foundation, go in and heavily customize it to the point of being an entirely new design. Use the template as a springboard or a shortcut. Also, if you’re faced with time or budgetary constraints, a web design template can get you kick started much faster than coding from scratch. This also means the designing phase will be shorter – the development of your website will be far more efficient. Sites like Wix and Weebly are amongst the most popular do-it-yourself sites out there right now.


Both routes offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh your website’s personal needs and goals carefully, and make an educated decision based on said needs and goals. Happy designing! If you need help with your web development project, Contact us today.