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Why Everyone Should Register Their Own Custom Domain Name

While one can always settle on a free web design platform such as Weebly or WIX and receive a complimentary domain name, it is in the best interest of any web designer and website manager to purchase their own, unique domain name. Having a “.com” or a “.net” just screams professionalism, and will no doubt add legitimacy and prestige to your site, vs having That is just unsightly in comparison to a legit, purchased domain name. The fact you’ve invested money into your domain name, to make it stand out and ring clear and true, will no doubt add an aura of legitimacy and professionalism to your business or website.

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Reasons to Buy Your Own Domain Name

There are more things to take into consideration beyond professionalism and appearances. If you’re going to change your web hosting provider, for example, or start an entirely new site up from scratch with a classy website redesign, your domain name will be retained during this process. If you have a substantial amount of web traffic, it would be remiss to not maintain the same web address. This may leave your customers / readers confused and frustrated. Having your original domain name redirected to the new website will save you a lot of pain and suffering, and will also save your customers / readers / fans / subscribers a substantial amount of anger and frustration as well.

Also bear I mind if you are looking for affiliates and sponsors, they are far more likely to do business with you if you have a purchased domain name. This ties back into the professionalism and legitimacy of having a domain name – who would want to conduct business with a company that can’t even afford a .com or .net for their website?

 Get Visitors Just Because of Your Name!

If you have a particular product or service and name your website in a clever and intelligent fashion, you may even stumble upon accidental viewers, who type in a random address pertaining to their desires and needs and land on your website by chance as a result. This is also easier for them to return later, as they will no doubt remember a simple, dignified, and applicable domain name vs something convoluted and excessive.

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Having your own domain name is just better, period.

Now while some web hosts offer domain names and can register them for you, it’s advisable to instead go through a domain name registrar. Remember, you might switch web hosts in the future, and you don’t want to lose your entire audience when you make the transition, do you? Perhaps you’ve gotten tired of your web host and decide to invest time in redesigning your website, moving your business to a new web host. It would be far easier to simply transfer your domain as purchased separate from your web host than it would to start from scratch with a new domain name entirely. Your audience will appreciate ease of use, functionality, professionalism, and stability. People do fear change, and to make drastic changes with new web domain names may potentially isolate even the most loyal members of your websites audience.

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