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Maintaining Simplicity For Killer Website Designs

A common theme with users of the web these days, is lack of an attention span. And who can blame them? There is simply so much content to go through, so many websites and social media sites and blogs and news outlets and personal journalist pages…the list goes on and on. Some people argue you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of those viewing your website. If you fail to catch their attention, they could very well disappear back into the world wide web, getting mentally tangled amongst the thousands of distracting Youtube videos!

Simply put, websites and blogs fight tooth and nail for attention on the internet. There is a LOT of competition, as well as a LOT of diversity. Whether you have an established website that’s been gathering traffic for years or are just starting a new website, it’s good to consider this simple fact:

Simplicity may be key in holding the attention of internet users.

Older Web Design

In the 90’s websites were far more low budget. Any 10 year old with access to America Online could fire up Expages or Angelfire and create a makeshift website that hurts the eyes. Back in those days navigation menus were primarily focused on the left side of the page in a separate frame. The designs were shoddy, eyesores really, and folks would utilize HTML help sites to assist them in the arduous and tiresome process of coding websites.

old websites

Back in those days, something as simple as a navigation bar with animated buttons was quite the spectacle to witness! Other animated or flash based website properties weren’t quite as effective…ugly snow fall in the background that ate up CPU, invisible music players that crank out horrid MIDI recreations of pop tunes. It was a time of great development, when very few could actually design a website and the rest adhered to ugly templates and ease of design. My how things have changed!

Modern Web Design

Enter modern web design. Gone are the days of shoddy templates. Angelfire and Expages have been replaced with WIX and Weebly, which afford more design freedom implementing drag-and-drop interfaces, available right through the website. You can design your own graphics and have them sprucing up your website with a few clicks of the mouse!

Add to this the ability to drag and drop pre-made Flash or HTML5 widgets directly into your site, and you can design a pretty professional looking website in only a few hours! Because of the potential ease simplicity of modern web design, a good percentage of web designers have opted to make more simplistic, bare-bones websites.

simple website

Conclusion: Simplicity May Be A Necessity

Simplicity can very well be the key in capturing viewers attention and keeping them hooked. Instead of cluttered websites that only work on a certain screen size and look jumbled on mobile devices, it is just smarter and more efficient to make simplistic, aesthetically pleasing website designs. Instead of focusing on flashy navigation bars and cluttered graphics, it is wise in these days to instead focus on killer, high quality content and keeping the website easy-to-navigate and easy on the eyes….this enables it to be easier to bookmark!

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