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A Blog or A Website – Which is Best For Your Needs?

It seems like these days, everyone and their mother (and their uncle, grandfather, 2nd cousin twice removed, and ex-girlfriend) maintain their very own blog or website. The internet connects the world – you can interact with people from all over the globe from the comfort of your bedroom. You can share your half-baked political opinions with people 500 miles away, or share music with friends from another continent.
In any case, it is best to go over all the different options available when choosing how to submit your content to the internet. With so much competition out there, it’s unwise to make a website that would be better off as a blog, or to start a blog that would be better off as a website.


Website Positives

The good thing about websites is the diversity of pages you can create. Do a bit of photography, a dash of writing, a helping of graphic design, and create some rockin’ music? Your best bet is to get a website so you can properly house each separate category of artistic expression, giving each skill it’s own subsection. Blogs can become cluttered, especially if you’re multi-talented and wish to showcase each talent individually. And it’s also easy to forget, you can throw a blog right onto your website for even more efficiency in design and ease in navigation!
Website Negatives

In web design, I’ve found that it’s rather quite difficult to maintain news archives. Eventually, you’ve gotta delete the old news updates to make room for the more recent news updates. Bandwidth can be an issue if you wish to perpetually host content, as well. Don’t wanna run the costs of your website up the roof when you’d be better off utilizing a blog!
Blog Positives

Blogs are great if you’ve got a particular niche skill you’re trying to focus on. An entire website devoted to photography may be better housed on a Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr account. If people like your work (be it song uploads, graphic design, writing, or photography) they are likely to scroll to the older posts and check out a good chunk of your work.


Also, the templates offered by most blog sites can help you bypass the designing phase entirely, giving you the time you need to focus on producing killer content! With a blog, design isn’t nearly as important – the blog serves as a host of content, a stream of consciousness, vs the order and tidiness of a website.
Blog Negatives

Blogs have their set of pitfalls as well. For one, if you’re in the game of making rather offensive and morally deprived comedy, prepare yourself for an influx of harsh comments and negativity. Some blog comments can rival even the worst Youtube comments! Also, it is keen to realize if you have multiple skill sets and which to showcase each, posts will be lost in the clutter of a blog. Older updates will get pushed back in favor of new updates, and some of your best work may not get the attention you were hoping if it’s just ‘another blog post’ amongst hundreds of other updates.

web vs blog
It’s easy to rush a project and end up with a website that should be a blog or a blog that should be a website. Carefully ponder what will serve your content and writing style best, and react accordingly. Also realize a good chunk of websites nowadays also implement blogs into the fold, so perhaps the best course of action is going with both!

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Coding vs. Web Design Templates

As proprietor of your very own website, it is likely you have already looked into various web design options. Perhaps you considered hiring a freelancer to do the work for you, or to even go through a web design company. Or maybe you do coding yourself and are looking to get better, creating your own website from scratch through HTML. Or perhaps you’re going to check out a drag and drop based designer site, such as Wix or Weebly. Whatever the case may be, it is best to keep in mind that maintaining a website under any of the methods are rather different, yet hold similarities as well.

custom coded website or template

Simply put, your website should look professional. Not makeshift, not lazily put together, but a professional, crisp web design to keep the visitors of your website (be they fans, friends, potential customers or clients) happy. The website should be easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and memorable enough to stand out from the millions of other sites populating the world wide web. A professional looking website will give you an edge, a boost of suggested credibility.

Coded Web Design

There are several benefits in going with a custom, coded web design.

First of all, your website is going to look unique. Each template available is just that – a template – and has been used, reused, and reworked to death. Getting a custom site coded is only going to help you stand out more. Your site should also be search engine friendly, provided you hire a skilled and experienced web designer. The coding of a website dictates it’s influence and success amongst search engines.

custom coded website

Another thing about templates, is they aren’t always tailored to every type of websites needs. Building a site from the ground up will ensure that the website you have will blend seamlessly with your content, updates, news updates, and more.

The only disadvantages of coding is time, effort, and money. Coding isn’t easy to pick up, it certainly takes practice. One single misplaced character in coding can ruin the entire integrity of a site, or cause a host of other smaller problems. This is why learning coding could prove difficult, and hiring someone else could prove expensive.

Web Design Templates

Web design templates are oftentimes given flack, if only for the fact they exist in numerous forms all over the internet. The main disadvantage of going with a template is a lack of uniqueness to your website – your homepage will likely look similar to dozens of other websites. This can prove disadvantageous is trying to put across a professional business appearance. However, design templates aren’t all that bad…

website template

For starters, you could always use the templates as a foundation, go in and heavily customize it to the point of being an entirely new design. Use the template as a springboard or a shortcut. Also, if you’re faced with time or budgetary constraints, a web design template can get you kick started much faster than coding from scratch. This also means the designing phase will be shorter – the development of your website will be far more efficient. Sites like Wix and Weebly are amongst the most popular do-it-yourself sites out there right now.


Both routes offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Weigh your website’s personal needs and goals carefully, and make an educated decision based on said needs and goals. Happy designing! If you need help with your web development project, Contact us today.

3 Reasons it’s Time to Redesign your Website

The days of the internet being a new concept are over. These days, the web is changing by the hour, and those that are stuck in an old state of mind are falling behind. This applies to every aspect of the web, from design to advertising to media in general. At this important time of growth, it is also crucial for businesses to embrace this change and ensure theironline presence reflects the current time.

3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website reasons to design site

1-     Is your website built mobile friendly?

Have you tried looking at your website on your phone recently? If your site was built over a year ago, there’s a very good chance it wasn’t built mobile friendly. These days almost half of all searches for local businesses are taking place from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t load properly onto a phone, your potentially losing clients everyday.  People searching from mobile devices are your best clients, since they already have a phone in their hands, they are obviously much more likely to place a call to your business. It is crucial for any business to have a mobile friendly website, that displays all of your companies information in a clean and professional manner. It is also equally important to have all calls to action clearly displayed for whoevers browsing the site. When people are browsing your site from a mobile device they have to be able call you, locate you and read about your products and services with ease.

2 – Are you able to easily change the content of your site?

website redesign

In today’s day and age, businesses need to have full control of their website’s.  Businesses are constantly running different promotions and sales, and as a business owner it is crucial that you have full access to update your website and make changes on it with ease. Boost One Web sites are built with business owners in mind, and we make sure that each site is built with a user friendly backend allowing you to make changes daily on your own.  At Boost One we understand that your website should be as dynamic as your business,  which is why we build our sites with the most up to date user friendly technology available, allowing business owners to easily maintain and make constant changes to their websites.

 3 – Is your website getting any visitors from search engines?

The problem with many old websites is that they aren’t built search engine friendly. If you plan on gaining more clients from your website, you have to be ranked well in Google. Boost One Web builds websites that are designed to rank. Google has many requirements they demand, in order for your website to rank. We constantly stay updated with all these requirements and make sure the sites we build do too. If your interested in getting more customers online, it is necessary to have a site that is built search engine friendly.

These are three of the most important reasons to redesign your website. Contact us today.

What to Look For When Choosing a Web Developer

As more and more of the business world becomes dependent on the internet infrastructure, websites have become a necessity for businesses and companies. Having a web site opens different avenues for the business to reach a big audience, increase awareness, and build their brand. However, business owners should realize that it is not a matter of owning a website, but rather getting one that is professionally designed and developed, and meets all you business needs.

web development company

For a professional website, the business will need the services of a web developer. There are a number of things that business owners need to look for when choosing the right web developer for their business’ site. Here are some of them:

Cost of the Project

This is perhaps one of the biggest considerations when choosing a web developer. A business owner should make sure that they have a budget that will afford them a nice and decent website. Choosing a professional developer with probably cost a bit more than selecting one that is not a professional. However, you should understand that cheap is not always better.

Testimonials and Portfolio

It is absolutely imperative that you choose a developer that has a lot of previous experience developing sites for businesses. This way, you can be sure that they have the required skill set and experience needed to successfully build your business’ website. Also, check the testimonials that the developer has received from previous clients to give you the idea of his work ethic and quality. Many professional developers will also have a huge list of previous projects they have worked on that they can show you so that you can get an idea of how the finished website will look like.

website development company

After Sales Service

The best web developers in the make always give a lot of after sales services. When selecting a developer, make sure that they will give you some (if not all) of these services. They may offer you some of these services for free just because you used them for the development of you website while other will require additional charges. Some of the after sales services that developers will offer their clients include configuration of the website so that it runs smoothly, content for the basic pages of the site, minor and major website fixes, integration and configurations of email marketing and social media accounts, seo etc.


While having a website for your business is a great idea, the main point to take home is that your website should be business oriented and look professional. To ensure you get a website that meets all your business needs and requirements, you should choose the right web developer for your project even though it might cost you a wee bit more. Also, make sure you take all the above considerations and any others that might be specific to you business when selecting a developer. Contact Boost One Web today and get your project started